The workplan of the project is organized according to six complementary and interlinked work packages, which rely on the cooperation of all beneficiaries according to a simple yet logical structure.

WP1 is devoted to an inventory of the gas and steam networks involved in the project, to the organization of the data collection and to the development of requirements and specifications for the system to develop. It includes the selection and installation of new measurement points, if required, and the assessment of structural modifications.

WP2 deals with the adaptation and development of the process models which are required for the system implementation.

WP3 focuses on the development of the optimization strategies and preliminary scenario analyses.

WP4 is dedicated to the development of the infrastructure needed for the field implementation of the system, of the GUI as well as to the integration of the different components. Preliminary off-line tests are also developed at this stage.

WP5 focuses on field tests as well as final evaluations and transferability analyses.

WP6 is devoted to reporting and coordination of activities and dissemination of the project results.